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Postnatal Back Pain – End it Like Fiona

(Something for you to WATCH today). Following is a true account… And no details of a 27 year old Lady named Fiona who came to see me recently following 7 months of pain and frustration after giving birth, have been altered, changed, or diluted. Now, what’s interesting to note about Fiona, is this: On theRead More…

Postnatal Back Pain — End it like Kelly

“Sammy, I do not want to end up in a wheelchair” Tbc… Today I’d like to share with you the results from another person with Postnatal Back Pain who has been let down by the NHS, and who came to see me months later than she now wishes she did. Kelly is 32 and fromRead More…

Insider Physio Secrets: Rafael Nadal’s Bad Back

Switching between different surfaces you train or play on causes big problems. It’s a little known secret that costs so many grassroots sports men and women “time out” from being as active as they would wish. It’s a fact. Your body will often react horrendously to the constant swapping and changing between surfaces such asRead More…

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