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Knee Pain: How To Stop Arthritis Before It Stops You!

Many people just like you are becoming victim of Knee pain… This is FAST becoming one of the most common things we see and areas we treat in our clinics across the North East. But before I tell you why, have a look and see if this sounds familiar? There’s a familiar pattern that emergesRead More…

Sports Injury: To Heat Or Not To Heat?

Well fancy seeing you here…Today I want to talk to you about… Ice or Heat? Now here is a question I get asked a lot about which works best and for an injury. Most people know that Applying ice or heat to an injured area can help speed up recovery, however from my experience… lotsRead More…

“How Do You Stop A Problem Like Chronic, Daily And Annoying Knee Pain If You’re Aged 50+ And The GP Said There’s NOTHING You Can Do…?”

Despite what your GP might say… There ARE things that you can be doing to ease knee pain NATURALLY. That means WITHOUT taking painkillers, needing injections or having surgery. Tips: Make sure that your knee muscles are strong. These days, everyone thinks the answer to anything physical is to “just do some exercises”. As ifRead More…

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