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Sports Injuries: Is It Ligament Or Muscle Damage?

Is ligament damage worse than muscle damage?   This is a question I hear from every client when I tell them they’ve damaged their ligaments and usually it’s going to take a little longer than it would be to heal the same degree of damage in a muscle.   In order to fully answer thisRead More…

Sports Injury: To Heat Or Not To Heat?

Well fancy seeing you here…Today I want to talk to you about… Ice or Heat? Now here is a question I get asked a lot about which works best and for an injury. Most people know that Applying ice or heat to an injured area can help speed up recovery, however from my experience… lotsRead More…

Sports Injuries: Is 100% Recovery ever Possible?

Kev here again and I’d like to talk to you about recovery… The more health conscious we get as a nation the more this question pops up in the clinic….. “Will I return to 100% and be able to do everything I used to be able to do, again?” The answer to this I findRead More…

How To Avoid “Plantar Fasciitis” And “Shin Splints”

I’m still seeing a lot of Sunday morning footballers out running at the minute… “And that’s a good thing!” But what I’m about to write comes with a bit of warning that I had brought to my attention by a chance conversation that took place in my local cricket club on Monday, whilst watching HartlepoolRead More…

How To Help Your Friends Avoid Lower Back Ache

Some tips for keen runners and walkers who want to avoid back ache… So, I couldn’t help but notice a big mistake that I saw one or two of the “Harriers” make as they ran round Dalton Piercy and through Elwick. Here’s the scene: I just happened to be riding past on my bike afterRead More…

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