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Trigger points: What’s Triggering Your Pain?

Hey guys Jo Here  (the massage queen) 🙂 Got something to ask you… Are you experiencing restricted movement and pain when moving in general? Typically your neck and shoulders? Sudden onset post stress? Many people suffer from sensitive spots in their muscles, often called trigger points. What are these I hear you say? Well…when youRead More…

Knee Pain: How To Stop Arthritis Before It Stops You!

Many people just like you are becoming victim of Knee pain… This is FAST becoming one of the most common things we see and areas we treat in our clinics across the North East. But before I tell you why, have a look and see if this sounds familiar? There’s a familiar pattern that emergesRead More…

The 13 Most Dangerous Footwear Trends Causing EARLY Arthritis AND Unwanted Joint Pain… To ANY Person, EVERYDAY! (…..And The One SIMPLE Addition You Can Make To ANY Shoes To PROTECT You From Both).

No matter how big or small your feet, your shoes could be hurting them—or even causing permanent harm to other joints. In a recent U.K study, involving 2,000 adults, more than a third of men and nearly half of women admitted buying shoes that didn’t fit properly. Shoes with a narrow “toe box,” the industryRead More…