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Sports Injuries: Is It Ligament Or Muscle Damage?

Is ligament damage worse than muscle damage?   This is a question I hear from every client when I tell them they’ve damaged their ligaments and usually it’s going to take a little longer than it would be to heal the same degree of damage in a muscle.   In order to fully answer thisRead More…

How To Spot The Severity Of A Hamstring Strain

If there’s ever an injury that you just can’t predict or ever see coming, it’s a hamstring strain. And, aren’t they painful? Anyone whose ever suffered from one will tell you it feels as though something has “clasped the back of your leg” so tightly that it’s not only impossible to move, but it’s horrendouslyRead More…

Sports Injuries: Is 100% Recovery ever Possible?

Kev here again and I’d like to talk to you about recovery… The more health conscious we get as a nation the more this question pops up in the clinic….. “Will I return to 100% and be able to do everything I used to be able to do, again?” The answer to this I findRead More…

The problem with having a break from sport

Having a “career break” from sport is not uncommon. I’ve done it myself. An early exit from playing cricket every Saturday afternoon in my early 20’s was forced upon due to a job with a professional football club. And as much as it’s hard to step aside, it’s actually harder to get going again whenRead More…

Hamstring Strains and Sports Injuries

Published in the Northern Echo Regional Newspaper (Feel Great For Sport Column) on Saturday 14th December 2013. Watch this space over the next few weeks as lists get drawn up and grow rapidly. Soon, there will be an unwanted list on the wall of every managers office that will need some serious attention and willRead More…

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