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“Kevan, What Does Massage Actually Do?”

The question I get asked the most in clinic is definitely this……   “What does massage actually do….?”   Very simply it reduces pain and relaxes tight muscles (although my clients don’t often find it relaxing haha).   In everything we do in life whether it be sport work or a mixture we use theRead More…

Trigger points: What’s Triggering Your Pain?

Hey guys Jo Here  (the massage queen) 🙂 Got something to ask you… Are you experiencing restricted movement and pain when moving in general? Typically your neck and shoulders? Sudden onset post stress? Many people suffer from sensitive spots in their muscles, often called trigger points. What are these I hear you say? Well…when youRead More…

Chronic Joint Pain: Does Acupuncture Really Work For Joint Pain?

This month I’d like to talk to you about Acupuncture… Now a lot of people have heard of it but aren’t entirely sure what acupuncture actually entails… so let me explain: Acupuncture is a form of physiotherapy used at Paul Gough physio rooms however from my experience it is one of the lesser known/understood formsRead More…

Back Pain : Why Brian Started Out Angry With “Us”

Back Pain : Why Brian Started Out Angry With “Us”

Got a true story for you here: It pains me a LOTto here that people have been let down by other Physios. And not because the other physio couldn’t help — but because the other physio didn’t help but still decided to keep that persons money. And that, I don’t feel, is the right wayRead More…

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