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Back Pain: Facet Joint Injections Couldn’t Help This Lady With Back Pain (…Hear How Physiohtherapy Could)

Today I’d like to introduce you to “Siobhan”…

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(She’s a Mother of three and a hairdresser from Hartlepool…)

She’s a client of ours who had suffered terribly with back pain for a number of years now.

The painful problems started after giving birth and despite how long she left it, her back pain never eased up like the NHS said it would.

If anything, it just continued to get worse.

Siobhan is on her feet and having to lean forwards most of the day to cut ladies (and gents) hair.

And that isn’t doing her back any favours either.

But it took Siobhan a very long time to find us (and Physio).

And the reason why it did (take her so long), is because she was told that “nothing else could be done”.

Here’s the story:

Her pain got so bad that she went to her Doctor who at first tried the painkillers option.

And after months of “upping the dose” and finally conceding that medication wasn’t going to make a difference, and wasn’t the solution Siobhan needed, the GP sent her to a “spinal surgeon”.

One who put her through the very painful ordeal of “face joint injections” being placed into her spine.

And those injections helped … “a bit”!

But not significantly and the difference DIDN’T last.

Luckily for her… just be for “throwing in the towel” and accepting a life time of back pain, one of Siobhan’s clients mention “us”.

And so we met.

And what I found was that her biggest problem was a “weakness” that was created in her spine since giving birth, all them years ago,

It just never recovered (properly).

So, she didn’t really need the painkiller’s OR the injections.

(And they were never really going to work to truly solve the problem…)

What Siobhan really need was a simple case of readjusting some stuck joints in her back, one or two nice massages to ease the pain

– AND –

for her to work on a Pilates style exercise routine that would make her lower back stronger and leave her feeling much looser and less “stiff”, than she had done in years.

Admittedly… the exercises would have to be worked on daily, and her transformation didn’t come over night — but that is largely due to the fact that Siobhan’s problem had gone for YEARS.

And YES… it’s TRUE… the longer you leave back pain, the longer it takes to correct.

Kindly, Siobhan has gone on camera to briefly share with you her story, in her words.

You’ll find out why injections or painkillers didn’t work like she thought and why she LOVES the “nice massages” which make her feel great.

Plus: hear after just 15 seconds how she admits waiting for three years and all because “you just think it’s going to go…”

Please Press Play to hear from Siobhan:

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Paul 😉

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