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Back Pain : Why Brian Started Out Angry With “Us”

Got a true story for you here:

It pains me a LOTto here that people have been let down by other Physios.

And not because the other physio couldn’t help — but because the other physio didn’t help but still decided to keep that persons money.

And that, I don’t feel, is the right way to do it.

An obstacle that people face when trying to access the specialist Physio that they need is:

Past experiences with some other physio that didn’t go too well.

(Or even hearing stories form other people).

Take this next story for example:

A guy called “Brian” (56) once asked us for a Free Report on ways to ease his back pain that he saw available on our website — the same one that you got a few days ago – and when he rang our office to request it, we asked him the question of whether or not he’d be interested in trying Physio…

And he quite *angrily* said “NO”!

And despite our best efforts to show him that we could help with what he had, and considering he was in a LOT of pain, he had still had no intention of ever booking an appointment with us – and let us trying to figure out why!

So, we spoke to Brian for a good 30-35 minutes — and doing so we realised that he’d been to see a Physio in the past, 3 times in 7 months, for the same back pain each time.

And he was *angry* that he’d paid good money every time and he was still no better off for spending it on physio.

Now, Brian was new to the area — he’d moved here from Scotland to work at “Hereema” (in Hartlepool) and he didn’t know much about us.

He’d certainly never heard my “no-risk” way of doing physio and so what we told him went something like this:

First, we’re likely to be nothing like the other Physios he’d tried in Scotland.

We could say this for certain because we took the time to ask all about the other ways he’d tried to find relief from his back pain, including, specifically asking what the other Physios did for him .

So, we knew he hadn’t tried the techniques that are included in our “Gold” or “Silver” consultations, and we know that he definitely hadn’t tried our “Organic” very Natural Therapy programme which works so well for giving people quick and lasting relief from back pain.

(No other physio anywhere in Britain offers this 5 therapies combined in one, “Organic” Programme…)

But, “Brian” hearing all about our new and different approach to offering solving his back pain quickly, naturally and with the promise of long lasting relief, isn’t what made him happiest, nor did it make much difference, at first.

No. It was when we told him how if he’d have come to see us, spending £175 to get the relief he asked for (like he did with a Physio in Scotland), that if we didn’t deliver on it then we’d have given him £175 right back!

See, I honestly don’t think people have a problem spending money on their health.

Nor do I think they have a problem giving money to a Physio.

I believe that people like you, who have gone out of their way to find some advice and request a free report, secretly know that private physio is the right answer — it’s just that they’re not 100% convinced enough to say “yes” because of stories like these where other Physios haven’t delivered on a promise and still taken money for doing so.

I know it can worry you thinking that you’re going to leave feeling let down!

But, as you now know, that doesn’t happen at Paul Gough’s Physio Clinic.

No, we make you happy like you hope by giving yo quick, natural and long lasting relief from back pain – or you get all your money back.

And as well as that – I make it easy for you to come and sample what we do here, too.

Come and talk to us about our “Organic Care Plans” and find out exactly what’s involved:

>>> Click Here To See The Form To Apply For A Free Taster Session <<<

You can even ask about how our “Gold” consultation sessions could be the perfect way to get the “No-risk” help and attention that your lower back needs during your “free taster” session.

It’s completely Free.

And it’s no risk.

It takes just 20 minutes.

And, there’s a session waiting for you and all you have to do to take advantage of my kind offer is to fill out the simple form on this webpage below.

Click the image below to go straight there:

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Talk soon 😉


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P.S I mentioned about the “Organic Natural Therapy” Programme…

It’s perfect if you want your recovery from back pain to be quick, natural and long lasting and we can tell you specifically more about which 5 different NATURAL therapies we use and how they work together, when we see you at your free taster.

Apply for you Free Taster session to come and see a physio in person at our clinic:

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Paul Gough
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