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Knee Pain: Why This Lady (53) Wasted 10 + Years Of Her Life (…True Story)

Top tips to STOP knee Pain are here:

“Pull up a chair…”

I’d like you to “Meet Christine”…

(A wonderful lady in her 50’s From Middlesbrough…)

She loves to play tennis, go to the gym and enjoys swimming, which she likes to do 3-4 times per week.

But something happened a few years ago to her knee and she thought “NOTHING could be done”.

So she opted for a “bandage” and painkillers and put up with the discomfort for more years than she cares to remember.

After 10+ years of discomfort, she finally decided to go and ask her GP who told her that Physio would likely help her.

Problem was, she went to see one who she didn’t like.

(Just didn’t feel comfortable there…)

So it was a few more years before she tried again.

This time the Doctor mentioned “us”…

So I met with Christine and her husband Les, listened to what concerns she had and she told us what she wanted to achieve moving forward (Pain free swimming, walking tennis etc…)

Christine was suffering from a very simple case of a knee joint which had been over used (…from all of the swimming, walking and tennis she loves to do and common for anyone in their 50’s or above) and that left her with a little bit of “wear and tear” of her knee joint.

To help her… It was a simple case of making her knee joint stronger, advising one or two of the right stretches and massaging her leg muscles to bring them back to life and make them stronger than ever before.

We educated her all about her knee joint problem and put her in the best position possible to look after them both her self which would aim to prevent any unwanted problems from happening again in the future.

And Physio is often a case of “do this, but don’t do that”.

For example, did you know that knee problems are made WORSE by doing the BREAST STROKE in a swimming pool?

“It’s TRUE”!

And when we told Christine this, she was just as shocked.

And all of a sudden it made sense to her why every time she went swimming, which she thought was doing her knee some good, her knee actually felt WORSE.

And it’s simple but very helpful advice like that from our top Physios which can add so much QUALITY and VALUE to your life.

Not to mention that personal and very hands on treatment that you’ll get from us which will help you get pain free and active, in no time at all.

Anyways, Christine has kindly agreed to go on camera and share with you her full story.

She’s done it in the hope that you don’t make the same *mistake* as she did by putting her life on hold and delaying going to see a good Physio, for 15 years.

Click the play button to hear from her now:

And after you’ve watched the video…

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Talk soon,

Paul 😉

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Top tips to STOP knee Pain are here:


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