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Simon says:::

Got this complaint from a long time “email subscriber” and reader of my columns not happy about the last email I sent:


“Hi Paul,

As much as I’ve enjoyed your recent emails, I was disappointed with a comment in thursdays.

That being, the snide reference you made to “Gary Barlow” and his latest CD.

What gives?

I (and my wife) happen on thinking that he is a very good artist and really do enjoy watching him on TV, too.

I don’t want to stop you from having an opinion per se’ or expressing it in your emails, it’s just I prefer the emails about Harry, and all the adventures and funny little trips you’ve been on.

Another thing… I note from your emails that you’re writing a book (good luck with that) – I had a thought for a title for it for it for you…

How about “Adventures of a Physio”?

Or maybe, “Confessions of a Physio”.

I don’t know you personally, but sounds like you’ve got some great travel stories to share that I’m sure people would find interesting.

Keep up the nice Sunday emails, on the whole, I think you’re doing a great job – just give Gary a break”.

All my best to you and Harry.

– Simon Payne, 47. Bishop Auckland.



I’m sorry about the Gary Barlow reference in my last email.

Really — I do think Gary is great 😉

(And I’ve actually got a few of his CD’s my self…)

“Life is a roller coaster” happens to be one of my all time favourites songs.

And although he wasn’t my favourite member of Boyzone, I did really like him when I was a fan of theirs in school.

So much so that I tried to get tickets to see them at the Durham Cricket Club last weekend – but I arrived at ticket master, just out of time.

And I like Gary on the TV too.

Now, I don’t watch much TV these days, only Coronation Street makes it onto my planner.

And whenever Gary Barlow is on there, I make extra special effort to watch it because I love that “navy boy” character he plays so well.

And with the way that his name sake is going on at the minute, (Peter Barlowe), hitting the booze hard, “Kieran”, is sure to be making a come back soon to help his mate out, don’t you think?


It maybe that my affinity to Gary Barlowe (and Boyzone) is the Irish blood I have in me – one full half of my family (the Gough side) is from County Kerry.

And let’s not forget Gary Barlowe the “judge”:

Of all the reality shows I love to watch… “Britain’s Got Some Talent” is my favourite.

Gary talks the most sense out of all the judges and good to see the camera always goes to him first.

And doesn’t he look “healthy” on TV too?

I always think that when ever he stands against that bar in the Rovers Return, or sits in one of them judges chairs, he has a very “healthy looking posture” to-boot.

And he must work hard it, too.

Because if he has to sit all day to write all them songs, spend all day passing those “expert judgements” from his chair…


Get into his car to drive to the cobbled streets of Coronation street, all the way from Dublin, then you’d think that his posture would suffer?

…Because it’s true that most peoples *posture* does suffer as they move into their 40’s and 50’s.

And sitting is the number 1 reason why so many people don’t look or feel as healthy as they once did.


If you’ve got any problems with your neck and shoulders at the minute, take a look at this:

Is Sitting The New Smoking

It’s perfect for ANY person who is suffering from neck and shoulder tension at the minute and would just like to know a little bit more, before doing something about:

Is Sitting The New Smoking

If you’re at all worried about your posture or any pain in that important area, hit the link and take a quick look.

Talk soon,

Paul 😉

P.S I’m off to download a few of Gary’s songs on to my iPod for when I go out for a cycle later today…

“Picture of You”


“Love me for a reason” (reminds me of my last school disco)

and my all time favourite…

“Isn’t it a wonder”

Niiiice 😉

Paul Gough
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